Multi pot parallel with hot water tank sterilization pot

High temperature short-term sterilization. Two sterilization kettles share one hot water tank for operation, resulting in high process water temperature and shortened heating time.

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Double door sterilization pot

Double door sterilization pot, as the name suggests, has two heads, inlet and outlet. The sterilization pot is mainly heated directly by boiler steam, and is mostly suitable for products with high production environment requirements and no secondary air pollution.

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Single pot spray sterilization pot

The temperature inside the tank is very stable and the heat distribution is uniform. To ensure more uniform transmission and heat distribution, nozzles are installed in the sterilization kettle.

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Double pot parallel sterilization pot

Double pot parallel sterilization pot, high-temperature and short-term sterilization. Using dual tank hot water circulation for sterilization, the water in the sterilization tank is heated to the required temperature for sterilization, thereby shortening the sterilization time and improving work efficiency.

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Computer fully automatic double-layer sterilization pot

The sterilization kettle saves energy. The working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, saving energy, time, manpower, and material consumption, and reducing production costs.

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Fuel fired coal-fired sterilization pot

The steam source of the electric and steam dual-purpose sterilization pot can be supplied by electricity or steam.

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High temperature sterilization pot

Generally, food factories use this horizontal sterilizer when boiling and heating packaged products under normal pressure.

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Flip air dryer

After sterilization, there are a large number of residual water droplets on the outer packaging.

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