Product description

1. After sterilization, the package contains a large number of residual water droplets, and the air dryer effectively removes the water droplets on the surface of the material, greatly shortening the preparation work for labeling and packing, suitable for assembly line operation, and improving the degree of enterprise production automation.
2. Air dryer. Compared with the traditional drying and dewatering method, the air dryer is simple to operate and easy to use (just connect the power supply to use)! The water removal rate is high (up to 99%), and there is no scale pollution on the surface of the packaging.
3. The air dryer can be directly packed after dewatering. The air dryer realizes continuous operation (used in conjunction with the continuous working sterilizer), and only needs to put the sterilized product into the conveyor belt, and the airflow generated by the air dryer is sprayed through the nozzles. The drying air temperature is normal temperature, and the air dryer effectively protects the color and quality of the material itself. So as to achieve the effect of removing water, oil stains and scales from the packaging, it can be packed into storage.
4. Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, frequency conversion speed control, air dryer running smoothly, small size and high efficiency.
The air dryer is used in conjunction with the sterilization line and is placed at the back of the sterilization line. It is especially suitable for drying bagged products such as high and low temperature meat products and vegetable products after sterilization.

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