Product description

Vulcanization tank is an early vulcanization equipment used in the production of rubber products. Although other vulcanization equipment has developed greatly over the years, the vulcanization of certain rubber products (hose, rubber shoes, and rubber rollers) is still inseparable from it. Products, tape products, and cable products are also vulcanized using vulcanizing tanks. It can be seen that vulcanization is still one of the basic equipment for vulcanization.
Usage and classification
1. Purpose
Horizontal vulcanizing tanks are mainly used to vulcanize flying model rubber products, such as rubber shoes, hoses, cables, rubber roller box tape, etc. Sometimes, they are also used to vulcanize model rubber products.
2. classification
(1) Classified by vulcanized rubber products
Vulcanizing tank
Rubber shoe vulcanizing hose vulcanizing tank
(2) According to the structure of the vulcanizing tank body: direct heating and indirect heating of the vulcanizing tank
Specification and technical parameters
1. Specification
The horizontal vulcanizing tank adopts the unit of "the inner diameter of the tank and the effective length" in m, and the model is indicated by XL. For the horizontal thinning tank for vulcanized products and rubber shoes, add letters in XLE.
2. Technical parameters
Tank body diameter, heating method, working medium, working pressure, working temperature, external dimensions, etc.
Basic structure: The working pressure of the horizontal thinner is generally below 1.2MPa, which belongs to the low-pressure type of container, and most of it is a single-walled cylindrical structure. It is composed of the tank body, the tank cover and its switch and locking device, heating device and other auxiliary devices. Device and other components.

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