Horizontal axis stirring wok



Product description

The planetary wok is divided into four heating methods: electromagnetic heating, electric heating tube heat conduction oil heating, gas heating, and steam heating.
Various structures and functions can be customized to meet the various requirements of customers.
The unique mixing structure, waterproof structure, protective structure and safety configuration of the product can adapt to the harsh environment of the production workshop.
The stirring method adopts a special inclined transmission, and the planetary agitator used in the electromagnetic wok is in full contact with the pot body to achieve an integer transmission ratio of the transmission revolution and rotation, so that there is no dead corner of stirring in the pot.
Applicable industry
It is widely used in hot pot bottom materials, various sauces, food fillings, and kitchens. It is suitable for lotus paste, fruit paste, bean paste, jujube paste, sauce, donkey-hide gelatin, curry food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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