Gas planetary stirring multifunctional wok



Product description

The stir-frying pan has more advantages in terms of product design and performance. The equipment is mainly composed of stainless steel heavy-duty frame, thickened stainless steel pot body, PLC automatic programming control system, frying mixing system, automatic tilting system, heating system and other parts. It is widely used in food processing plants, central kitchens in the catering industry, condiment manufacturers, medicine and various food processing companies.
1. Quality assurance: hemispherical stainless steel body formed by one-time stamping.
2. Good applicability: The electric heating heat transfer oil has a large heating area and high thermal efficiency.
3. Outstanding safety: All food-contact parts of the high-viscosity stirring wok are made of food-grade stainless steel and polished, which meets the requirements of the Chinese People's Food Sanitation Law.
4. It is suitable for a variety of spaces and is easy to disassemble: it has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
5. Stirring method: The stirring method adopts a special inclined transmission, and the planetary stirrer used in the planetary frying pan is in full contact with the pot body. The mixing system adopts the combination of rotation and revolution, which is researched and developed by Shenlong Machinery, and its transmission ratio is not an integer transmission ratio to ensure that there are no blind spots in the pot. Stirring thoroughly without dead angles at 360 degrees.
6. Clean and hygienic: use advanced transmission and sealing structure to make the transmission part and the pot clean and hygienic.
7. Convenient and easy to pour materials: The automatic/hydraulic type of the bottom scraping stirring wok uses hydraulic thrust to turn the stirring arm, without disassembly and assembly of the stirrer, and then uses the hydraulic thrust to tilt the pot, which is easy to enter and exit the raw materials and save manpower. Good controllability: Shenlong adopts a stepless frequency converter to mix and evenly heat high-viscosity products to increase heat. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high work efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, compact structure, and convenient maintenance. It is excellent in performance. Blender.
After-sales service: Product promise: Three guarantees a year + lifetime maintenance + tailor-made + long-term follow-up service is the service tenet of Shenlong Company, and we are equipped with a number of comprehensive technical engineers to solve technical problems for customers. The company provides a full set of pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation and commissioning, maintenance, training, and technical consultation.

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