Tiltable gas jacketed pot with lid


Product description

Tiltable gas jacketed boiler, tiltable discharge, with stainless steel lid, natural gas or liquefied gas as fuel. No need to fill coal, convenient and clean.
Gas heating jacketed pot: This equipment is mainly composed of pot body, base, burning appliance and pot tilting device. Turn on the gas valve, ignite the gas, and manually add edible oil. When the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, add an appropriate amount of materials, turn the pot manually, stir, and make the materials evenly heated in the pot. After the material is processed, turn off the air and turn off the flame, turn the handle, and use the worm gear and worm gear to make the pot rotate and tilt, and then pour the material into another container. Our jacketed pot has a wide range of uses. Generally speaking, it can achieve two major functions, namely steaming and frying. On the other hand, solid, liquid, semi-liquid, and powdery items can be processed, but some require you to add a heat preservation device. Generally, if the food you want to process or solid If it is a liquid, it needs to be stirred evenly. If it is a powder, the electric heating sandwich pot needs to be scraped and stirred to prevent the pot from sticking.

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