Gas jacketed pot with stirring


Product description

The gas jacketed boiler uses natural gas or liquefied gas as the heating source, and uses Shenlong's special surrounding hob, which surrounds the bottom of the pot and is heated in a semi-enclosed manner. The gas is fully burned without any waste or pollutants. It is suitable for cooking food, boiling syrup, frying vegetables, condiments, medicinal materials and baking, etc. It is often used for heating, stirring and frying in the process of catering and food processing or chemical pharmacy. The gas-fired jacketed boiler has the characteristics of large heating area, high heating, uniform heating, short boiling time of materials, and easy control of heating temperature.
Mixing part: The most common mixing is cross mixing, also called scraping side mixing. When mixing, the scraper is close to the inner wall. It is suitable for a wide range of products. Paste and porridge products can also be used. There is also planetary stirring. This stirring method is a 360-degree stirring method without dead ends. Compared with the bottom scraping stirring, it is more advanced. Eliminating the problem of high equipment cost, this kind of suitable product is more diversified, boiled sugar, The frying materials can be used, and will not stick to the pan or stick to the pan. For those with strict process requirements, this can be used.

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