Vertical steam jacketed pot


Product description

Overview of the steam jacketed boiler: The jacketed boiler is a jacketed boiler where steam enters into the jacket of the jacketed boiler as a heat source to heat the material in the boiler.
The common steam-type jacketed pots are fixed, tiltable, stirring and so on. The advantages of the steam jacketed boiler are large heating area, high heat transfer efficiency, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time, beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safety and reliability.
Source of steam
1. Manufacturers purchase boilers to burn steam by themselves. Due to the strict environmental protection requirements of the country, gas-fired boilers or biomass boilers are generally selected. Of course, electric boilers are also available.
2. There are steam heating pipes in the factory, the most convenient one.
Steam pressure of steam jacketed boiler
1. Conventional steam jacketed boiler jacket can withstand 0.25MPa (2.5kg) pressure. To
2. Other pressure requirements require special customization.
This type of jacketed pot is a vertical steam jacketed pot. The pot body is upright and cannot be tilted. The bottom has a lower discharge port, and the material flows out directly from the discharge port. Or close the bottom valve, and directly remove the material from the upper part. Welcome to inquire online.

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