Steam type bottom scraping stirring jacketed pot


Product description

Steam with stirring jacketed pot
The safe use and precautions of the tilting jacketed pot:

1. Flanges are welded on both sides of the pot body of the tiltable jacketed pot and connected with the hollow shaft. The steam passes through the air inlet pipe into the hollow shaft and enters the jacket. Packing is added in the sealed box and the packing is pressed with a compression nut to prevent leakage. gas.
2. The tilting device is a pair of worm gears equipped with a handwheel. When the handwheel is shaken, the worm drives the worm wheel to rotate, which can tilt the pot body of the tiltable sandwich pot by 90 degrees and can be restored.
3. When in use, a steam trap must be connected to the end of the steam outlet.
4. For safe operation, 8215454194 (not contact information) is installed on the intake pipe with pressure gauge and safety valve, and its working pressure is less than or equal to 0.2Mpm.
5. Always check whether the worm and worm wheel of the tilting sandwich pot are loose, and lubricate the worm and worm wheel bearings every month.
The stirrer adopts the scraping bottom stirring method, and the material is made of PTFE plate, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance up to 250℃, low temperature resistance -196℃, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, high lubrication, non-adhesion, etc.

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