Tiltable gas jacketed pot


Product description

Gas jacketed pan is suitable for cooking food, boiling syrup, frying vegetables, condiments, medicinal materials and baking, etc. It is often used for heating, stirring and frying in the process of catering and food processing or chemical pharmacy.
The gas jacketed boiler has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of materials, and easy control of heating temperature.
The gas jacketed boiler can be tilted or can be used as a vertical gas boiler. The energy can be natural gas or liquefied gas. The boiling time is short and the boiling is fast.
The unique energy-saving burner has full combustion and high thermal efficiency, and the unique energy-saving burner has full combustion and high thermal efficiency.
1. When unloading, the gas switch should be turned off.
2. The equipment should be grounded reliably, and it is forbidden to press the stirring switch when unloading to prevent danger.
3. Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic tank is lacking, and whether the chain lacks oil.
Features of gas jacketed boiler
Turn on the ignition valve, ignite the burner, add edible oil manually, when the oil temperature reaches the cooking temperature, add an appropriate amount of material, and the stirring arm will automatically stir to make the material evenly heated in the pot. After the material is processed, turn off the gas and extinguish the flame. Stop stirring, turn the pot up, make the pot rotate and tilt, and pour the material into the container;
1. Material: All stainless steel structure, the whole is closed without dead corners; the pot body is molded with thick 304 stainless steel plate;
2. Burner: The unique energy-saving burner has full combustion and high thermal efficiency;
3. Heat-resistant heat preservation device: The built-in heat-resistant heat preservation device is more energy-efficient and the cooking efficiency can reach more than 70;
4. Continuous operation, large processing volume, continuous operation, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity, the manipulator mixing blade is easy to disassemble and wash, the mixing frequency is high, it does not damage the food, and it will not burn the material.

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