Electric heating jacketed pot


Product description

The electric heating jacketed pot can be with or without stirring. The configuration is selected according to customer needs. All the food contact parts of the electric heating jacketed pot are made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of the "Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China". It has a beautiful appearance and design. Reasonable, compact structure, easy to install, simple to operate, flexible to use, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, etc., are deeply loved and praised by the majority of users.
It is widely used in food processing and brewing, wine making, pharmacy and daily chemical industries such as candy, cakes, beverages, fruit juices, jams, preserves, dairy and canned foods, as materials for melting, disinfection, heating, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, restaurants , Industrial and mining enterprises, government agencies, canteens of colleges and universities, used for cooking porridge, soup, dumplings, cooking and stew.

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