Small-scale sterilization pot 700


Product description

A small sterilizer is a machine used to kill bacteria. This product has many advantages. Convenience and easy operation are its outstanding advantages. It only takes a few simple steps to successfully sterilize, creating a healthy and hygienic surroundings. Therefore, this kind of machine has gradually been warmly welcomed by everyone.
Hot water circulating sterilization: When sterilizing, all the food in the pot is soaked in hot water, and the heat distribution in this way is more even.
Steam sterilization: After the food is put into the pot, instead of adding water first, it directly enters the steam to heat up. Because there will be cold spots in the air in the pot during the sterilization process, the heat distribution in this way is not uniform.
Water spray sterilization: This method uses nozzles or spray pipes to spray hot water onto the food. The sterilization process is to spray mist-like wave-shaped hot water into the nozzles installed on both sides or top of the sterilization pot. To the surface of the food, not only the temperature is uniform and there is no dead corner, but also the heating and cooling speed is rapid, which can sterilize the products in the pot comprehensively, quickly and stably, and is especially suitable for the sterilization of soft-packaged foods.
1. At the beginning of the small sterilization pot, the sterilization temperature is extremely high, and the temperature rises quickly.
2. While recovering all the high-temperature water, it can also be used for recycling and save energy.
3. Some special water flow exchange methods of small sterilizers are different, the temperature is not only uniform, but there are no dead ends.
4. The small sterilization pot has the characteristics of a double-layer water bath type small sterilization pot.
5. The output of the small-scale sterilization pot is doubled compared with the double-layer small-scale sterilization pot, which saves energy and time, and saves equipment investment and reduces the user's equipment.
6. The small sterilization pot can automatically switch the direction of water flow in the pot, and the temperature has no dead ends.
7. Save time, energy and labor.
8. The small sterilization pot does not require manual operation, and the whole process is automatically controlled.
9. The temperature film can be used to automatically adjust the temperature in the pot with an automatic valve, and the sterilization degree is super high.

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