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Features of Shenlong Rotary Sterilizer Equipment
1. The supporting roller adopts an external adjustable structure, the supporting roller and the cylinder support are integrated, and the force of the kettle body plus the protective plate is small, which prolongs the service life of the equipment;
2. The inner cage adopts forged rolling rings, overall diameter aging treatment and other processing techniques to enhance toughness, plasticity, wear resistance and extend the service life;
3. The inner cage body processing center is formed at one time and is dynamically balanced to ensure that there is no overweight phenomenon when rotating;
4. The frequency conversion speed can adjust the rotation speed according to the different viscosity of the product, so that the product can achieve the purpose of no stratification and no precipitation;
5. The brake reducer has an automatic positioning function to ensure that the cage is in a horizontal position after stopping, which is convenient for smooth docking with other supporting equipment;
6. The food basket pressing system adopts cylinders to automatically compress them separately, and the entire cylinder is made of alloy, which solves the problems of inaccurate spring return of the rotating cage cylinder and air leakage of the cylinder seal under high temperature and high pressure conditions;
7. PLC automatic control is adopted during the entire sterilization process, and the heat distribution temperature in the kettle is controlled within ±0.5°C. It can be heated in multiple stages and save energy; it is equipped with F value measurement function; it can store 100 sterilization formulas;
8. After the equipment is restored from power failure, the program can automatically restore to the state before the power failure;
9. The kettle body is insulated with aluminum silicate wool, which reduces the heat loss of the kettle body, saves steam energy and meets the requirements of low carbon and low emissions;
10. The kettle door is equipped with a triple safety interlocking device, which can effectively prevent workers from misoperation and avoid accidents;
11. Adopt double safety valve and double pressure sensor control to eliminate potential safety hazards.
This equipment is suitable for new product development laboratories of food manufacturers to formulate the sterilization process of new products, simulate the sterilization environment in actual production, test the FO value for mass production, make product sterilization formulas, and reduce the loss of products in the experiment. Improve the yield in mass production. Sterilization can be divided into: spray type, water diffuse type, steam type. The sterilization state can be divided into: static type and rotating type.

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