Double pot parallel sterilization pot


Product description

Double pot parallel sterilization pot
1) High temperature and short time sterilization. Double-tank hot water circulation is used for sterilization, and the water in the sterilization tank is heated to the temperature required by the lanthanide in advance, thereby shortening the sterilization time and improving the work efficiency.
2) Save energy and increase output. The working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, which saves energy, time, manpower and material resources, and reduces production costs. During the sterilization, the two tanks are used alternately as Melanin, which reduces the loss of treated water and heat, and at the same time increases the output.
3) For flexible packaging products, especially bulk packaging, the heat penetration speed is fast and the sterilization effect is good.
4) Uniform heat distribution and easy control of product quality.
Applicable scope of double-pot parallel conditioning sterilization kettle
Metal containers: tinplate cans, aluminum cans.
Flexible packaging products: aluminum foil bags, high-temperature cooking bags.

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