One minute to take you to understand the advantages of electromagnetic stirring wok

Electromagnetic stirring wok, as the name suggests, electromagnetic stirring wok means electromagnetic induction heating, and the planet means its stirring principle is similar to that of the planets in our universe, which revolve around the sun at the same time.

Electromagnetic stirring wokay body is a stamping formed hemispherical stainless steel wokay body, using the form of electromagnetic heating, the pot mixing method adopts a special tilt transmission, the planetary mixer used in the pot is fully in contact with the pot body, the pot realizes the non-transmission air combat and rotation integer transmission ratio, so that there is no dough dead Angle in the pot. The pot uses advanced transmission and mechanical seal structure, the transmission part meshes with the pot, the pot leaks Angle, does not paint the pot, and keeps clean and hygienic. The pot adopts variable speed adjustment power to run more smoothly. Pot is an excellent food processing equipment. The equipment adopts automatic/hydraulic type, the use of hydraulic thrust flipping mixing arm, do not disassemble the mixer, the use of hydraulic thrust flipping pot, convenient access to raw materials, labor saving, the use of stepless frequency conversion regulator can evenly mix high-viscosity products, easy to operate, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, small structure, easy maintenance, It has the characteristics of beautiful shape, reasonable design, small structure, easy installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.

Electromagnetic stirring wok can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic:

Automatic hydraulic swing arm and fan return system: The swing arm return system uses the hydraulic station as the power source. When the hydraulic station is working, the output cylinder and the input cylinder work smoothly, different from the cylinder stop and stalling phenomenon, the hydraulic station motor is 2.2 kilowatts, and the safety stroke switch controls and monitors when the arm is turned over. Through multi-switch interconnection protection control, to prevent accidents and losses caused by illegal operation of workers, discharge pot pot system also uses hydraulic station as power source, hydraulic station work, output cylinder and input cylinder work smoothly, there will be no cylinder stagnation or stalling phenomenon, hydraulic station motor is 2.2 kilowatts, there is a safe stroke switch control and monitoring arm.

The advantages of electromagnetic stirring wok are rapid electromagnetic heating, no flame, no smoke, no explosion, no harmful gases, stable safety performance, electromagnetic is conducive to the precise control of temperature and gradual heating. Automatic temperature regulation, frequency conversion regulation, sensitive to temperature requirements, temperature balance. Good stability, electromagnetic heating has the advantages of low energy consumption, high heat, reliable safety performance, electromagnetic heating no spark, no emissions, no pollution, electromagnetic heating is a high temperature coil through the high-frequency frequency converter generated by high intensity eddy current heating equipment floor, heating area, high heat utilization, energy saving, automatic control.

The high maintenance cost is a disadvantage of electromagnetic heating, electromagnetic coil technology is not mature before this phenomenon, but in recent years the electromagnetic coil performance has been very stable, so far, in the sale of equipment has not seen bad.


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