Electromagnetic stirring wok common sense inventory!

Electromagnetic stirring wok is widely used, with large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time, easy to adjust the heating temperature, etc., electromagnetic stirring wok is widely used in the processing of various foods, is a large restaurant or restaurant soup, cooking, stew, porridge and other food processing to improve the quality, shorten the time, improve the working conditions of the good equipment. Food processed with electromagnetic stirring wok is welcomed and loved by customers with high quality, with the increase of urban population, the pace of people's life is accelerating, the demand for processed food is also increasing, and the requirements of food enterprises for food production efficiency are constantly improving.

Electromagnetic stirring wok appearance is more beautiful and generous, the whole machine is processed with stainless steel materials, durable, smooth operation, heating method is of course the use of electromagnetic coil heating, is by converting electrical energy into magnetic energy and heating the steel surface to generate induction vortex heating method, high thermal efficiency, the overall heat uniformity, good insulation performance, sustainable use, safe and reliable, Accurate temperature control.

Electromagnetic heating is manufactured by placing an electromagnetic coil at the bottom of the pot. The principle of electromagnetic heating coil heating is that the high-speed changing high-frequency high voltage current through the coil will produce a high-speed changing AC magnetic field. When the iron container is placed on it, the surface of the container cuts alternating magnetic field lines, creating alternating current (eddy current) in the metal part at the bottom of the container, which can make the carriers at the bottom of the container move irregularly at high speed, and the carriers collide with each other, producing the effect of heating things. That is to say, the electric energy is converted into magnetic energy, and the heating method of induction vortex is generated on the heated steel surface, which fundamentally solves the problem of thermal efficiency decline caused by resistance and heat conduction heating such as electric heating plate and electric heating ring, improves the utilization rate of electricity and has high thermal efficiency. Is a new heating method, the current function has been stable.

Let's take a brief look at the operating regulations of electromagnetic stirring wok:

1. Check whether the steam pressure gauge on the edge of the electromagnetic stirring wok is normal; 2, check the electromagnetic stirring pan pressure relief valve is normal.

2. Starting operation: 1. Place the pan horizontally with electromagnetic stirring, open the trap at the bottom of the pan, and discharge the condensate in the sandwich; 2. After the condensate is discharged, add water to the pot and open the steam valve (due to the small capacity of the electromagnetic stirring pot, the steam valve can only open about half); 3. After the water is heated to a certain temperature, gradually close the small valve, and close the valve after the water boils; 4. When pouring water, the worker stands on the side of the electromagnetic stirring pot and rotates the right screw turntable, so that the water nozzle is aligned with the water container, and the hot water is not splashed.

Iii. Precautions: 1. Steam operation shall be carried out in strict accordance with standard specifications; 2, the use of personnel should be away from the electromagnetic stirring pan, not into the electromagnetic stirring pan in front of the 1 meter range (red line area), the operator must stand on the side of the electromagnetic stirring pan during operation; 3, after using the electromagnetic stirring pan, to discharge the electromagnetic stirring pan steam; 4. Clean the scale in the pot regularly.


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