Application and design concept of zongzi cooking pot

In addition to zongzi, zongzi cooking pot can also be used for cooking soup, boiling water, brine products, meat products and other food processing industries. It usually takes four or five hours, and the whole process takes about 90 minutes, because it is a high temperature and high pressure equipment with a large area, which greatly reduces the working time, improves the production quality, and meets the production requirements.

High pressure rice dumplings cooking pot is divided into steam, gas, electricity three ways, the structure is divided into: vertical, tilting. Steam heating bottom with coil, water supply, water inlet, sewage, liquid level and other interfaces, through the coil at the lower part of the pot body for heating, not direct contact with dumplings and soup, heat evenly, dumplings are not easy to appear sandwich and burst rice phenomenon, soup will not be diluted. Gas pipe, fast speed, adjustable frequency. The thermoelectric heat pipe works, the temperature is controllable, the frequency is adjustable, and the heat preservation effect is good. The zongzi cooking pot has two kinds of vertical and inclined structures, which are composed of a lid and legs. The lid is assembled and welded by an oval head and a pressure flange. The pot body is a structure form composed of straight flange with oval head. It has the characteristics of large area, high thermal efficiency, short boiling time of liquid material, easy control of heating temperature, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy operation, safe and reliable.

In order to heat evenly, there is a coil at the bottom, and it is heated directly into the coil, so that the zongzi will not be caught. And do not directly contact the dumplings, the following soup will not be diluted, can be reused, more energy saving, dumplings more flavor. The pot body is equipped with an observation mirror, which is convenient to observe the situation inside when cooking.

The safety valve of the rice dumpling cooking pot must be configured and specified, and must not be adjusted by itself. In the process, you should always pay attention to the temperature change of the thermal oil, and the thermal oil is generally not more than 150. When working above 150, the temperature should be adjusted in time, pay attention to changes in oil temperature and oil pressure, and take other safety measures.

After the zongzi cooking pot heats the material to the required temperature, the material is discharged from the bottom of the pot. Before each use of this equipment, each rotating part should be refueled. Pay attention to whether the electric heating rod is damaged. Stir the sandwich pan and surface parts, cooked vegetable oil is recommended; 30 #-40 # oil for the rest of the place. After the zongzi cooking pot is used up, the power should be cut off first. Tap water should be added to the pot immediately to protect the electric heating rod and extend its life. When adding heat transfer oil, it is recommended to buy an oil temperature of 320 degrees, which can quickly improve the oil temperature and improve work efficiency. Before refueling, plug the oil drain port and refuel 4 ~5cm below the overflow

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