Characteristics and classification of zongzi cooking pot

For zongzi cooking pot, we are a little unfamiliar with this name, but speaking of zongzi, I believe everyone is familiar with the annual Dragon Boat Festival, can set off a wave of zongzi heat, not only because eating zongzi is the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also because zongzi taste diverse, sweet and salty, delicious. We all know that Zongzi cooking pot is a very high sealing pot, just at the beginning of its volume is very large, and then someone in order to commemorate a Chinese folk festival and specially designed a family essential cooking pot, named Zongzi cooking pot.

Today, Xiaobian mainly introduces the large zongzi cooking pot.

Overall structure: by the pot body, pot cover, opening, locking wedge, safety interlock, track, sterilization, steam nozzle and other main components.

Features: pressure steam as heat source, high reliability, long service life.

Material: The interior of the zongzi cooking pot is made of heat-resistant and acid-resistant Austrian stainless steel, and the outer pot body is high-quality 304 stainless steel. The soup in the steamer does not need to be discharged, and can be used continuously, saving energy

(1) Steam

This is a unique sterilization method, with the increase of process time, too much, there will be condensation points, little by little down, resulting in uneven heat distribution.

The structure of the pot door is changed from the fixed flange bolt link to the hydraulic quick opening type. And installed the photoelectric limit, interlock, interlock function

(2) Spray water

In the sterilization process, the nozzle or nozzle is installed on both sides or the top of the zongzi cooking pot through the nozzle or nozzle, and the heated water is sprayed on the food, so that the atomized wave of hot water is sprayed, and there is no dead corner in all directions. Moreover, the temperature is uniform, the heating and cooling speed is fast, and the food in the pot can be heated comprehensively, quickly and stably. Effective pot is twice as effective as steam sterilization.

(3) Hot water circulation

This method is to soak in hot water, add the right amount of water in the pot, the effect of this way is also very good, the heat distribution is more uniform. Advantages: Zongzi cooking pot has long service life, easy temperature control, short boiling time of liquid materials, large area and high thermal efficiency.

Characteristics of zongzi cooking pot:

1. Easy to discharge bulk materials;

2, the heating area is large;

3, heating temperature is easy to control;

4, liquid boiling time is short, high thermal efficiency;

5, beautiful appearance, easy installation;

6, easy to operate, safe and reliable;

7, multiple equipment sharing a hydraulic station, can be single operation, saving space and reducing costs

8, inclinable sandwich pot has stainless steel sandwich pot and carbon steel sandwich pot, the former inside and outside the pot body and support are 304 or 316L stainless steel material manufacturing (in line with national health standards); Only the inner pot body is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, and the other parts are carbon steel (the applicable health requirements are not high).


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