Germicidal pot manufacturer: How much do you know about the preventive measures of germicidal pot operation?

Germicidal pot manufacturer: How much do you know about the preventive measures of germicidal pot operation? As the main equipment of the food sterilization process, the use, maintenance and maintenance of sterilization equipment is an important task in the production management of enterprises, because it belongs to the pressure vessel category. According to the national pressure accommodation standards, coupled with the actual production location of the food company, Dingxing Machinery summarized the following principles for the use of sterilization cookware: Then the sterilization pot manufacturer: the sterilization pot operation preventive measures, how much do you know?


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Germicidal pot manufacturer: How much do you know about the preventive measures of germicidal pot operation?

To correctly master and operate the sterilized cookware, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. The user shall implement and manage the relevant container safety technical regulations "Fixed pressure vessel Safety Technical Monitoring Regulations" in the national management of quality supervision, inspection and isolation.

2. The user shall formulate sterilization operation regulations according to the production process of the equipment and the technical performance of the sterilization cooker, and strictly implement the safety operation regulations. At a minimum, it should include:

3. Sterilization cooker operation process indicators and high working pressure, high working temperature; Low working pressure and low working temperature. Operation methods and procedures and preventive measures for sterilizing cookware. In production and operations, items and parts should be checked for anomalies and precautions that may occur during operation as well as during schedule. Sealing and maintenance methods for sterilizer manufacturers when equipment is out of service.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use the design pressure and exceed the design temperature of the equipment.

(5) Operators using germicidal cookware should pass training inspections, strictly comply with safe operating procedures and work responsibility systems, and maintain a complete safety attachment, sensitivity and reliability, and should deal with anomalies in a timely manner.

6. When the equipment is operating normally (there is pressure in the fungus cooker), the safety link handle cannot be locked, and the door cannot be forced.

7. During use, the lubricating powder should be applied to sliding and rolling contact sites, such as lock blocks and transfer flanges, to ensure lubrication of the friction surface.

8. The sterilization pot should be inspected regularly, at least once a month at least once an internal inspection, at least once every six months a comprehensive inspection. Execute inspection report file and record.

9. When the sealing ring on the tank body frankly, due to aging, defects and friction, it should be replaced in time to ensure sealing and prevent leakage.

10. Don't rely on automatic water level protection. Pay attention to water level, especially electric heating sterilization cookware. Strict care should be taken to prevent accidental combustion of electric heating tubes.

11. Safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and other safety valves, such as safety valves, pressure gauges and thermometers, shall be equipped. During use, maintenance and regular verification should be strengthened. The safety valve of the equipment should be kept sensitive and reliable to prevent random adjustment. The accuracy should be accurate for half a year and last for half a year. Once tested, the pressure form indicates that there is a fault, the scale, the dial is broken, the pointer will not return to the original position after the pressure, the damage of the lead seal, etc., will be immediately replaced, repaired or changed.

12. When the sterilization pot manufacturer stops production of the equipment, the internal and external surfaces of the sterilization cooker should be cleaned, and blown dry, and the safety testing and control instrument should be protected to extend the service life of the sterilization cooking machine.

13 The equipment can only be used within the specified working pressure range, and is not allowed to be used on the pressure, otherwise the responsibility for the consequences should be responsible for the user.

14. Do not disclose when the device is running. If exposure is required, a protective frame should be constructed to protect against rain.

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