Germicidal pot manufacturer: What is the main use of germicidal pot?

Germicidal pot manufacturer: What is the main use of germicidal pot?

The sterilization pot consists of a pot bottom, a pot lid, an opening device, a locking wedge, a safety locking device, a track, a sterilization basket, a steam nozzle and several pipe ports. The seal of the lid is sealed with inflatable silicone rubber, which is reliable and has a long service life. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time and easy control of heating temperature. Then sterilizing pot manufacturer: What is the main use of sterilizing pot?

Germicidal pot manufacturer: What is the main use of germicidal pot?

1. The use of germicidal cookware: The more widespread use of germicidal cookware is in the field of food and medicine. Specifically subdivided into food, eggs, seafood, fresh corn, mountain vegetables, soy products, aquatic products, canned products, packaging, beverages and dairy products and other foods of meat, eggs, fresh corn, mountain vegetables, cream products and other foods for high temperature sterilization.

2. Food is essential to people's lives. As a result, competition in the food industry is fierce. High temperature sterilized cookware is specially used for food. After sterilization, food can ensure that people use it healthily. According to the material, the sterilization cookware is divided into two types of carbon steel and stainless steel. Usually, stainless steel is used. Most edible fungus cultivation uses carbon steel.

3. Complete the file. After purchasing the device, the customer will not need to install the customer. The company will send special technicians to install and commission it. Don't worry.

Germicidal pot manufacturer: What are the application characteristics of germicidal pot?

1. Sterilized cookware is widely used and can be used for food, medical treatment and various high-temperature materials. For example, PP bottles, aluminum foil bags, high temperature clear plastic bags and high temperature boiling bags. The lid of the pot has a rubber seal, reducing energy consumption, no leaks and a long service life.

2. Sterilized cookware can be sterilized at high temperature in a short time, which greatly reduces the temperature of traditional fungal cookware and fundamentally improves the efficiency. The process water used in the sterilization process is not disposable. It can be used multiple times, saving energy to a certain extent, greatly reducing production and production costs, and increasing profits. When sterilizing, process water will continue to flow from multiple angles to prevent sterilization and dead spots. The quality of the product is guaranteed and can be used with confidence.

3. Sterilization is a fully automatic control mode with intelligent temperature control. For those products with a relatively large volume, it can achieve thermal penetration, which guarantees the sterilization effect, and the entire sterilization process is automatically operated according to the original setup steps, which can prevent errors during the operation.

Germicidal pot manufacturers: How to use high pressure germicidal pot correctly?

Methods/steps 1. Add water, close the drain valve, the main valve is adjusted for "well", open the water inlet valve, the distilled water into the steam generator, and then wait for the level of the water for about 1 to 2 CM, shut off the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve of water inlet valve, Then close the water inlet valve, then close the water inlet valve. Instead of "closing" the main valve.

2. Place the sterilized items in the pot, please be careful not to tighten too tightly. Triangular bottles and test tubes should be placed or tilted to prevent contamination of the cotton culture medium during sterilization.

3. Close the door, turn the handle clockwise to feed the block into the door ring, then move the octagonal dial to make the door tight and the mat snug.

4. The power supply is heated, and the knob of the power control switch is turned to the "opening". The power indicator is on, indicating that it is enabled. At present, the electric heating indicator is on, indicating that it has heated up.

5. When checking the insulation material, when the steam in the steam jacket is heated to achieve automatic control pressure, the electric heating indicator will be closed in vain, indicating that the heating has stopped. As the heat deposition pressure decreases, the electric heating indicator is turning on, which means continued healing, which indicates that the controller is working properly. When the steam in the sleeve is heated to the selected control pressure, the steam inside the sleeve can be imported into the disinfection chamber for sterilization.

6. After the pot, after the sterilization is completed, the power supply is immediately cut off according to the nature and requirements of the sterilization project, and the steam in the disinfection room is naturally cooled or "slow discharge". A sudden drop in pressure affects these items, and the general valve can be directly adjusted to "slow discharge" to quickly discharge indoor steam in the disinfection chamber. When the pressure in the sterilization chamber drops to "0", the handle will open the door by 5 to 10 cm and remove the sterilization item after 20 to 30 minutes. Currently, sterilization items are drier.

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