Sterilizing pot manufacturer: What is the sterilization process of double water bath sterilizing pot?

Sterilizing pot manufacturer: What is the sterilization process of double water bath sterilizing pot?

The sterilization process of the double-layer water bath sterilizer: the steam is used to raise the water temperature to the steam boiling in the hot tank, and then the pump is started with a large diameter flow pipe, and the hot water is pumped into the pot for direct direct disinfection. When the hot water reaches a certain water level, then start the hot water circulation pump, the hot water will be circulated in the hot water pot, and then the water and eight o 'clock use three minutes. So sterilization pot manufacturer: What is the sterilization process of double water bath sterilization pot?

Sterilizing pot manufacturer: What is the sterilization process of double water bath sterilizing pot?

1. In the cycle, in order to ensure the uniform water outlet in the pot, three are used. Dot-in series. Circular water switch fittings can be quickly heated by steam switch fittings (use this steam exchange fittings to avoid direct contact between steam and goods when heating in the pot, so that the temperature of some goods is very high) (upper with two points), lower, left and right), so that hot water directly reaches the sterilized cooker for circulation. When circulating hot water in the pot, the steam Angle valve automatically opens to suit the temperature in the pot.

2. At this time, the temperature in the pot is accurately transported to the temperature control instrument through the temperature transmitter to control the steam Angle valve for temperature regulation. According to the rise and fall of the temperature in the pot, the regulator is gradually adjusted to prevent the pot from reaching the temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the steam Angle valve is closed and the product sterilization stage is entered (the sterilization time of different products can be adjusted). After the sterilization time is reached, the alarm alarms, open the water outlet valve and pump, send the water pump in the pot to the hot water pump to the hot pool, and then cycle the next sterilization pot.

3. The product enters the cooling stage, turn on the pump, and then transfer the cold water to the pot. It stops when the water level is set, and then opens the disc to circulate cold water in the pot to lower the product temperature. If the working time is very long, when the cold water in the pot does not cool down, open the overflow valve, discharge the upper hot water inside the pot, and then enter other cold water to achieve the purpose of cooling.

4. Pressure in the pot The pressure transmitter carries the pressure transmission of the pot and transmits the signal to the pressure controller to automatically correct the pressure in the pot, so the pressure in the pot is always within the specified range. If it is exceeded, it can be automatically stopped; If it falls, it can be automatically protected. Disinfect the pot in the pot under the same pressure.

5. After the cooling temperature in the pot is solidified, the cold water in the pot is discharged, the pressure in the pot is removed, the sterilization is completed, and the operator opens the chain device to open the pot door to pick up the goods.

Sterilizer manufacturer: What are the categories of sterilizer?

1. Sterilizing cookware can be divided into: computer automatic sterilizing cookware, semi-automatic sterilizing cookware, double sterilizing cookware, top spray spray fully coated sterilizing kettle, double (multiple) POTS and combined sterilizers, horizontal single-layer - horizontal single-layer sterilizing cookware, two open door sterilizing cookware, and so on.

2. Bacterial cookware is widely used in meat products, soy products, egg products, poultry industry, fruit and vegetables, tea beverages and snack food processing and production, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. According to the user's heating, sterilization, insulation and cooling of different materials are designed in a process combination. Sterilized cookware has various safety protection measures.

3. The whole process is automatically controlled, and the control is stable. Sterilized cookware in water, displacement of about 3 minutes. The speed of water inlet and drainage directly affects the taste of the product. Otherwise, cover the product in a germicidal cookware. If there is a problem with the water pump for three days and two days, it will affect the use of the equipment. Our two-layer bacteria are two pumps, divided into two pumps and circulating pumps, but at the same time we use pumps that can have a high temperature tolerance and can be used interchangeably.

4. In order to ensure safety, the fungus pot uses the National Department of Labor Safety approved door-to-outdoor safety link equipment and non-pressure door opening mechanism to ensure safety. This range of germicide cookware uses saturated steam as the heating medium (variations on the local management path can also be applied to superhot water as the heating medium) to supplement compressed air to perform pressure resistant operation. Direct injection of cold water (warm water) for forced cooling. It may be suitable for sterilizing different packages and different foods.

5. The sterilized cooker consists of a pot lid, pot lid, opening device, locking wedge, locking device, track, basket, steam nozzle and several pipe ports. The lid of the pot lid is a temperature-resistant sealing ring with inflatable silicone rubber for sealing and long service life.

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