The working principle and characteristics of sandwich pot

A sandwich pot uses steam at a certain pressure as a heat source. The sandwich pot has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material and easy heating temperature control. The inner pot (inner pot) of the sandwich pot is made of acid and heat resistant austenitic stainless steel, and is equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy operation, safe and reliable.

The tiltable sandwich pot is a double-layer construction consisting of an inner and outer spherical pot. The middle layer of the inner and outer spherical POTS is heated by steam.

2. Structure: inclined sandwich pot and vertical (fixed) sandwich pot structure, respectively with or without a stirring device according to the process needs.

Working characteristics of sandwich pot:

1. Computer semi-automatic control: heating, sterilization time, pressure protection, product cooling

2. Energy saving, easy to operate

3. It can be sterilized by hot water circulation and steam

4. Suitable for vacuum packaging, canned food, glass bottle packaging, plastic packaging, edible mushroom food, etc.

5. Set up various sterilization processes according to different products. Intelligent fuzzy temperature control system, high degree of automation. The main components of the control system are imported with original packaging, which is suitable for various packaging materials. The whole sterilization process of the automatic control system can be automatically controlled by the computer to complete the operation; It can also be converted to a manual distributed operation. Touch control with touch screen and PLC. All time periods are controlled by analog sensors and automatic valves. Multi-stage sterilization can be performed according to process requirements. Pressure and temperature are displayed digitally. All processes are recorded on disk. A variety of sterilization processes are pre-stored to choose from and up to 250 sterilization formulas can be stored. The entire sterilization process of the machine is controlled by the computer and can be completed at one time without manual operation. In order to ensure safety, the KANS door safety interlock device and non-pressure door opening mechanism approved by the State labor safety supervision department are used, and double insurance is used to ensure safe use. According to the actual situation of the region, the use of electric heating steam for sterilization is more convenient, with good energy-saving effect, high production efficiency, automatic control of temperature display, large adjustment range, high control accuracy, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, easy to clean. It is widely used in food. Fruit juice, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industries, as necessary equipment for heating, cooling, insulation, sterilization, processing or storage of liquids.


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