Shenlong Machinery invites new and old customers to participate in the 28th China (Wuhan) International Food Expo

Through exhibitions, transactions, exchanges and forums, the Expo will summarize and exchange the experience of the development of the food industry in China and Hubei Province since the reform and opening up, fully display and publicize the development results of the food industry, expand international and domestic exchanges and cooperation, promote excellent enterprises, excellent products and high-quality brands around the country, and effectively promote the innovation and development of the food industry in Hubei Province. Actively contribute to increasing domestic demand, benefiting people's livelihood and building a strong market in Central China.
With the theme of "Joint consultation, joint construction, win-win and shared food world", the expo has a total exhibition area of 50,000 square meters and a total of 5 pavilions. The specific exhibition Settings are:
Hubei Pavilion (B1). It is divided into two sections, one is the group of cities and states in the province, which comprehensively displays the image of 16 cities and states (districts) in the province, and introduces local key enterprises, high-quality products and related food investment projects. The second is to focus on the exhibition of various urban groups in Wuhan, and the overall situation of food economic development achievements in 14 urban areas of Wuhan and foreign cooperation and exchanges.
Interprovincial Exchange Hall (B2). This year, a total of 29 provincial delegations participated in the exhibition, including 14 provincial delegations, 6 provincial capitals and 9 prefecture-level cities. Another 7 groups participated in exchange and procurement.
International Brands and Key Enterprises Pavilion (B3). Divided into two plates, one is the imported food plate, there are Norway, Japan, South Korea and other countries set up special areas; Four major grain merchants (ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus) for the first time; China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Food, Soil and Livestock, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, Japan External Trade Organization, Korea Promotion Agency, China Hundred, China Commerce, Wu Shang and Donghu Free Trade Zone and other organizations actively organize overseas enterprises and international brands to participate in the exhibition; Second, key enterprises and brand plates, COFCO Group, Moutai Group and other famous enterprises will show style.
Chu Cuisine Expo Hall (B4). During the food Fair, the second Chu Cuisine Expo was held at the same time, with more than 500 ingredients and brands and more than 2,000 varieties exhibiting, with an exhibition area of 8,500 square meters. A variety of food cultures and a variety of cuisines are showcased at the Food Fair, which will provide the people of Jiangcheng with a delicious and colorful feast and form a beautiful landscape.
Food Machinery and Small Enterprises Complex for Poverty alleviation (B5).
At present, the recruitment work has been basically completed, from more than 20 provinces and cities and more than 10 countries and regions of more than 1834 enterprises to determine the exhibition, exhibition varieties of more than 21,000, equivalent to more than 2,500 international standard booths.
Wang Pin, secretary-general of the organizing committee of the Food Expo Committee, told the International Business Daily that the food Expo mainly presents the following characteristics
The governments and enterprises of all provinces and municipalities are generally optimistic about the location advantages and market vitality of Wuhan, Hubei Province, and attach importance to the publicity effect and practical effect of the Food Expo. Local governments have organized groups to participate in the food fair as an important way to promote the local food enterprises to become bigger and stronger and brand promotion. Therefore, provincial and municipal groups have become the mainstream and important resources for food Expo. At present, 66 local governments have organized delegations to participate in the exhibition.
The organizing committee actively promotes the concept of brand rejuvenation and brand power, and strives to build the Expo into a platform for promoting and exchanging high-quality brands. It has invited and organized CoFCO, Moutai Group, Hubei Communications Investment Group, Hubei Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Hubei Grain and Oil Group, Hubei Salt Industry Group and other units and enterprises to participate in the Expo. It will play a positive role in promoting the quality </a> of the food Fair and expanding its influence.
The international "four major grain merchants" (ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus) will be concentrated on the exhibition; Representatives from Norway, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Serbia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mozambique, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries will participate in the exhibition. According to statistics, imported food involves more than 30 countries and regions, more than 3,000 varieties, and imported food booths account for 20% of the total exhibition area.
Governments and departments at all levels of the food Fair carefully organized and coordinated the local food industry chain exhibition, actively promoted and organized the special quality food of various regions to settle in the Hubei Pavilion, and 17 cities and states (districts) selected representative enterprises and brands to participate. In particular, "Jingchu Excellent products" will make a stunning appearance, representing the innovation and development direction of Hubei food industry, and Chu tea, Chu cuisine, Chu wine and other foods with local characteristics of Hubei will show their style.
At that time, our company will exhibit representative equipment high temperature sterilization pot, sandwich pot, planetary wok, etc. Welcome new and old customers to visit and taste, exchange experience!

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