Shandong Shenlong machinery Guangxi rotary sterilization pot installation completed

After the skilled operation of Shenlong after-sales personnel, the installation and debugging of the rotary sterilization pot sent to Guangxi has been completed, and the installation and experiment process has been praised by manufacturers and customers.
Rotary sterilization pot is especially suitable for packaging in the proportion of solid than liquid ratio is significant, and a variety of different concentrations of sticky filling food, so that it is rotated during the sterilization process, to achieve the purpose of not layering in the shelf life, not precipitating (such as: eight precious porridge, tinplate cans, plastic cans, easy to produce precipitating flexible packaging products). The steam produced by the boiler at a certain pressure is the heat source, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature. The inner pot body (inner pot) is made of acid and heat resistant Austenitic stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
Steam rotary sterilizer
Steam directly into the sterilization speed, saving steam and sterilization time.
Each device can be equipped with FO value control system, all sterilization data, including sterilization conditions, F value, time-temperature curve, time-pressure curve, etc. can be stored or printed after data processing software, so as to facilitate production management and make sterilization more scientific.
Scope of application of steam rotary sterilizer:
Metal container: tinplate can.
Plastic container: Plastic bowl type.
Scope of application of two-pot parallel conditioning sterilizer:
Metal containers: tinplate cans, aluminum cans.
Flexible packaging products: aluminum foil bag, high temperature cooking bag.
Shenlong Machinery factory has strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system. In terms of computer automation control, to meet the requirements of well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad, the computer control system can accurately control the temperature of the sterilization pot, heat preservation, pressure preservation, cooling, and can display the entire process and record the temperature in detail, T-T curve, according to different products, design and storage of more than 100 sterilization processes, and according to user requirements, The design and testing of heat distribution in the pot can provide a scientific basis for the analysis of food sterilization process.
Our export computer automation equipment has top spray, measuring spray type sterilization pot, hot water spray circulating sterilization pot, fuel type sterilization pot and other products, can be made according to demand. The software control system of this product all uses well-known foreign brands.
Our factory always adhere to the "quality of survival, credibility and development, management to increase efficiency, service as the backing" of the enterprise purpose. Adhere to people-oriented, customer-centric, looking forward to new and old friends to negotiate cooperation, create brilliant.

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